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Joe Harman, has been dealing with family law matters since 1986 and mediating disputes since 1992. To date, he’s clocked up more than 10000 hours of mediation together with 11 years as a Judge. This is his CV.

So when you engage Joe to mediate or conciliate your dispute, you know you have the services of an absolute expert.

He mainly uses Zoom sessions for mediation so you can use his services from wherever you are in Australia.

In some cases, Joe will conduct mediations in person, but these are subject to additional requirements.  See Process and Fees. 

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Joe has worked as a mediator across all types of mediation practice. He’s also provided mediation training and supervision, written numerous academic articles on mediation, and lectured in family law at Western Sydney and Sydney Universities.

He is accredited as a mediator under the National Mediation Standards (NMAS) and has International certification in Online Dispute Resolution.

For 11 years, Joe was a Federal Circuit Court Judge, hearing over 500 applications each year, a mixture of property, parenting and child support matters. Joe understands what’s important when helping people resolve their disputes—and he knows what can get in the way.

Joe now seeks to use his nearly 40 years of experience as a lawyer, judge and mediator to help parties take control and resolve their disputes.

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