Mediation & Conciliation . Less stress.

No Court. No hefty legal fees.

Mediation & Conciliation help you resolve your dispute quickly and by negotiation—not by a stressful, drawn out Court case that could cost you a lot of time, money and anguish, let alone irreparable damage to important relationships.

Most people don’t want or need courts to tell them what to do. With the right help and careful preparation, they can find solutions that work for them.  People want certainty and they want closure.

That’s where Harman Dispute Resolution can help

  1. The intelligent alternative

    After separation, disputes can become bitter. Each person has expectations of what is “rightfully theirs”. Each can put their own needs ahead of the other, each can feel aggrieved.

    With mediation & Conciliation, both people strive to come to a mutual agreement. It’s the intelligent alternative to resentful and angry disputes that end up in Court.

  2. Mediate & Conciliate your way to agreement

    A specialist mediator and conciliator provides a way for you to try and resolve a stressful dispute and negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome.


Smart Mediation

Want to mediate?